SEO-Is your web site appropriate for SEO?

Posted by Duhaz On 12:36 AM
Hi all of you how's going life.i hope you all are fine by the way today my topic is-Is your website really appropriate for seo?

Does your web page evaluate up?

It’s unlucky that sometimes we have to convert away SEO customers basically because their sites are not up to the beginning. It’s difficult to tell a customer with cash in his side that the web page he has salaried out decent cash for just cannot be optimized.

There are many factors a web site are not appropriate for seo –:

It’s a free domain

Whether it’s a no cost word press or blogger blog or a no cost domain on your web host firm's area, it’s really not value improving on a free domain. Domain names priced at very little nowadays so take plenty of a chance to buy either a .com or a that meets your organization – its value it in the lengthy run.

Flash website

Though there are methods in the order of it, Search engines like Google still does not like flash sites and i really suggest against getting them developed with web style requirements so great now it’s possible to accomplish an excellent looking web page without having to cover up everything in a flash.

Title tags can’t be optimized on all pages

It’s a proven reality that you cannot optimize one web page of a website for every key-phrase – actually I suggest a few key-phrases per web page. These mean that if you want to optimize for ten key-phrases, you are going to need at least 5 web pages that can have the TITLE name and META tags changed. Many CMSs do not provide this opportunity and unfortunately we have to convert away these customers.

Your website designed totally in graphics

Yes, even this year we still see many sites developed in Ms Publishers or other applications that provide the web page all in graphics style. Search engines cannot examine them so I hope you understand it.

You aren’t agreeable to modify your carbon copy

In some situations your duplicate will be excellent but in others I’ll request you to change some of it and create it more search term wealthy adding H1 tags etc – if you will not or cannot do this then you know better.

You desire immediate outcome on especially competitive Key-phrases

Though we have obtained excellent leads in excellent time frames for our customers but we cannot assurance that you will be #1 in Google or other Search engines for the keywords of your selection within per week’s time – even no-one can. In reality Search engines like Google say not to utilize SEO professionals who say they can. We are ethical and honest so we will not assurance something we cannot accomplish so we have to convert down the job.


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