How to insert a sites on StumbleUpon

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People search on Google often “how to insert a page to StumbleUpon“or “how to submit my site on StumbleUpon“  You can start social bookmarking with these sites like StumbleUpon,delicious,digg,reddit etc. Stumble upon is the best according to me. And StumbleUpon will boost your traffic it’s definitely sure. So today I will discuss How to insert a websites on StumbleUpon.

Here’s how:

Every website in StumbleUpon’s index that contains over a hundred million URLs is curetted and certified by over twenty five million folks. Think about it as normal choice for the net where the most effective of the net gets submitted to stumble upon index, principally as a result of all of you discover nice content and wish to share it with the folks.

How will you able to suggest a page to StumbleUpon?

How to insert a websites or content page to StumbleUpon:

Every Stumble user installed StumbleBar extensions. Download Stumble extensions for Chrome or Firefox. Once you discover a websites you’d prefer to boost StumbleUpon, Hit the “I like it” button from your Firefox/Chrome browser. {Tips: The StumbleBar for Firefox is usually near in your browser, whereas the Chrome bar has to be “added” manually. basically hit on the StumbleUpon button in your Chrome menu bar to indicate the Chrome bar at the top of the page you’d prefer to insert.} If the page is previously in StumbleUpon, your Like can become a inexperienced color. However if the page is new on stumble upon, you may be taken to a submission form (as shown within the image above). Here, you have to enter some info regarding the page. This can facilitate stumble to categorize it and explain it to the proper folks. Hit “Add this page” and you’re done. Stumble upon submit page.

Here are some social book marking sites and how to find social bookmarking sites on Google 

“Social networking sites”
“Social networking sites”
“Social Bookmarking”
“Social Bookmarking”

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