How to import full blogger blog to WordPress by one click

If you're with Blogger platform and its restrictions you may most likely select the advanced and simple to utilize wordpress platform. It’s terribly easy to import all of your post from blogger blog to self hosted wordpressblog. Here notice it how.

Blogger platform is nice if you don’t wish the above your head of managing your template style. Simply write and post one thing you wish to post with none nice choices considering the Search engine optimization or link building. However wordpress offers you full management of your blog. You’ll be able to keep your posts simply, create sitemap, robots.txt file and range of customized pages. As a result of these benefits several bloggers wish to shift to wordpress.

If you have got shifted to wordpress and wish to import all of the posts from blogger to wordpress this may be exhausted simple steps. Log in to your WP account. Click on Manage button below that ‘Import’ link. You’ll see there are completely different import choices like import post from Blogger, Blog ware, Typepad, RSS feed and wordpress export file. Opt for Blogger for importing. This may redirect you to blogger login. Then you'll notice all of your blogger blogs listed. Select the blog to import to wordpress and hit on the magical button ‘Import’. This magical button will import all of your posts, comments and users to wordpress. Set the creator on wordpress as a brand new one or accessible from blogger posts. Then customize every post consistent with your SEO desires in wordpress and you're done!

If you have any question relating with blogger to wordpress progress then feel free to comment it out.


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