Black hat seo techniques

Posted by Duhaz On 8:38 AM
What is black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is generally described as methods that are used to get higher search engine positions in an illegal style. These black hat SEO methods will actually provide short-term profits with regards to positions but if you are found using these spam methods on your site, you run the risk of being punish by search engine specially Google. Black hat SEO generally is a short-term result to a long-term trouble, which is generate a site that provides both a great user experience and every part of that goes with that.

Learn black hat seo techniques but never apply them with your blog

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the discipline of getting better search results in search engines.

There are a lot of tips about Black hat seo techniques. Today we will discuss the organic way of link building and other seo techniques. Black hat seo is not good for our website/blog because Google doesn’t prefer with this one and they will rebuke you for doing this kind of black hat seo techniques.

You can learn black hat seo and you have to learn black hat seo techniques but ever and never apply them with your website/blog otherwise you will get banned by Google.


Spam is the junk files of internet, some data which are not valuable. If you trash/spam on blogs and forum boards to develop inbound links, this will be a dead way to develop links and when search engine specially Google will see you and they will punish you. Signing up for a lot of accounts in any social foundation, creating plenty of blogs strangely is also known as trash/spam. Google has and they stored your IP address also they knows what you are doing online so be careful.

Link farming

If you start a huge campaign of trading hyperlinks to develop inbound hyperlinks to your website, this will determined as a link farm. Connecting to plenty of off topic blogs will create your website a link farm and search engine especially Google does not prefers link firms. Connecting with a link town/farm, like the link trading sites is also a black hat SEO technique.

Traffic exchange websites

The kind of sites allows you to exchange free traffic and display unwanted pop ups. Connecting or using visitors exchanging sites is a most evil guy technique.

Link trading

This is a questionable issue. You may want to pay other sites to express your link for visitors or get paid to linking with other blogs to generate income online. Google does not prefer this technique of paid links that’s why they punish the sites with paid links. In problogging, you will have two alternatives to choice get paid from paid content or get an excellent PR.

Hidden keywords

Your web page will never display on the search results for the phrase, ‘make money online’ if there is zero written about it on your website. Black hat SEO experts compose a list of all sorts of searchable key terms/keywords and place them on their blog. Now they will pick the color of text to match the background so that the key terms/keywords will be unseen to people but it will be available to search engine spiders and will get SERP. This is a serious technique and it may ban your website absolutely from the search engine.


To remain out of danger, black hat SEO’rs creates two sites. One is for the polluted technique and one is the primary website. First one is filled with unseen key terms/keywords, trash/spam and other techniques to get rated well in search engines. This web page is linked to the primary website. If this website gets banned, someone think they will remain out of danger and their primary website will be safe. Google has highly developed tools to discover the backdoors so please never try this type of method at your website.

Robot texts

Most of the developers generate special robot text to trash/spam, develop links, get position and for other stuff. Using robot text to getting better positions is a black hat SEO technique and you should avoid this kind of technique.

Each day a large number of sites are losing their positions, locations or even the reality in search engines for using black hat SEO techniques. This technique may increase your search results but have poor sound effects on your blog’s positions.

So my recommendation is to remain out of danger and use legal techniques to get visitors and well position in search engines specially Google. Visitors and achievement has to come in the right away, not against the law.


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