First of all, you will need a web page of your own. These days it simple to create a no cost web page. Just do a search for "free web hosting" and research the best place to host your website. Your web page should be the attention for selling your book. Include excerpts from your book. A no cost part or two for audience to study will go a long way in getting more sales. Offer it directly from your website or create it simple to web link to Amazon or wherever your book is for sale.

An individual weblog is an excellent option as well and a web link to your website can be included on your web page. You can create a no cost blog through any number of no cost running a blog websites like Blogger or Wordpress platforms. Create a composing designed blog with a individual inclination. Discuss the everyday life as a writer, give composing advice to blossoming authors, discuss about your posting encounters.

Post exciting feedback in other writers blogs, leaving a back link to your book's web page or your own blog. Don't trash, though. Ensure that your feedback is relevant.

You can also publish in boards, especially author's boards. Discover boards where you can have back links in your trademark. Socialize, be exciting, but don't try to offer your book in the message board. Just be yourself. If individuals like you, they will likely visit your website or weblog through your back links.

Social networking websites are also excellent no cost places to use for advertising your book. Facebook, Myspace,twitter,digg and other websites are all totally able to use so use them to your advantage. Be careful to study the terms of use on each website as some websites won't let you web link to commercial websites but you will probably at least be able to link to your composing personal blog.

There are plenty of no cost ways you can market book online. The concept is to get your web page advertising your book out there in front of as many individuals as possible. The more back links you have, the more individuals will find your website and buy your book. Use as many different boards and internet websites as you can, with all your back links leading returning to your web page.


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