If you know Fiverr and what it's all about, then we have ever wondered if the only of its kind online, or how they can charge more than $ 5? Fiverr is a good choice if you think $ 5 is enough for the services it offers. But what if you think what you offer is worth more than $ 5? Well, wonder no more, because there are many alternatives that offer the same services to more or less than the $ 5 you get at Fiverr.

There are some other sites like Fiverr out there that allow you to sell services anywhere from $ 4 to $ 50 or more. Here, I'll list the 12 sites as Fiverr. I call it the Top 12 Alternatives Fiver.com. Enjoy!

FittyTown.com As the name suggests, everything is priced at $ 50. Pay through PayPal.

TwentyVille.com owned by the same company that FittyTown, where you can give concerts for $ 20. I paid through PayPal.

GigBucks.com can post concerts ranging from $ 5 to $ 100. Payment via PayPal, no minimum balance requirement for retirement.

Post GigHour.com concerts for $ 3, $ 5, $ 7 and $ 10. They also pay with PayPal.

Another site GigMe5.com Fiverr configured exactly where everything is priced at $ 5.

GigsWood.com This is interesting. You can give concerts for $ 4, $ 9 and $ 19. However, unlike Fiverr Fiverr and sites like, you get paid immediately. Meaning as soon as the buyer approves your service, your money is deposited into your PayPal account.

JustaFive.com Offer your services for $ 5 or $ 10 or $ 20. You know how every concert Fiverr begins with "I want .... for $ 5"! Well, concert begins with "I will .."! If you do a good job, you will have the opportunity to have their show as "the work of the week."

TaskArmy.com, TaskArmy is one of the most respectable workplaces micro. It was created by a French businessman 27 years called Aymeric Gaurat-surnames. You can offer concerts at fixed prices of $ 19, $ 49 to $ 99 (although I have seen some shows priced at $ 25 and $ 30).

TenBux.com No, no, every concert is priced at $ 10, you may also have concerts for $ 5.

As Fiverr fourerr.com, but use your € (Euro) as currency of the dollar. You can sell performances for 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 25 €, 50 € and 100 €. They pay via PayPal with a minimum of 5.


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