Simple and easy ways to backup your tweets

Posted by Duhaz On 8:57 AM
If you use Twitter, you probably know how difficult if can be to find a tweet to do with a couple of weeks or more. Maybe it was an appointment soon. Or it could be a link to an interesting article or website.Although you can not save the tweets of Twitter itself, a number of services that collect and package tweets for you to download and view on your computer.

Here is a summary of the two simple ways but effective ways to save your tweets.

1. Tweetake is a free service that is simplicity itself. All you need do is log in with your Twitter account and you're ready to go. From there, you can choose what you want to back up - your tweets, favorite tweets of others, those sent by people you follow, direct messages or anything else.

Then just click a button and within a minute or two of your tweets are downloaded as a. Csv file that can open a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.The results are not pretty, but Tweetake is effective.

2. If you want power and flexibility , Backupify is what you are looking for.

Backupify more than a backup of your tweets. Can also be used to archive other social media and Web services like Facebook, Flickr, Wordpress, and Google Apps. However, we are only interested in what you can do with Twitter Backupify right now ...

The service is fire and forget. Backupify can say to make a daily backup of all your Twitter stream - your tweets, replies, direct messages, and tweets sent by his followers. Each type of tweet is saved in its own file, which makes finding things easier when needed.



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