Today i am gonna told you about paid to click ( PTC ).
Actually ptc is boring subject. if you have enough time or you trust you can make a team then you are welcome otherwise Try to become a freelancer if you wanna earn much more.

What do you have to do before joining ptc sites


You will found many many ptc sites in your life but there almost fake & scam site so i think neobux is the best they paid there neobux is the best for you.

Yes definitely NeoBux is the best PTC in the industry you can earn a substantial income every month by just spending 5-10 minutes each day.Best features include instant payment neobux , a healthy environment and forum admin.honest forum where they can access and learn tips on neobux.I recommend it to all u guys to be part of this fantastic project and remember my advice about how to win through neobux.if u really want to make a good income per month.

1-Click all adds up daily at the selected time.
2-Buy referalls if you want to win quickly.

"Imagine if you have 50 refarrals or obtain from 0.02 x 50 days = $1 per day.
And if u go for the gold member ship simply means double the amount of your 0.04 x 50 = 2 per day".

Login everyday and click on all ads also if you can Buy ref with the money & get instant results.

Earn up to $ 400 per month and cash out instantly.if you pass most of time with neobux i hope you will win. 


  1. I got payment several times on the following site for viewing ads daily without investments
    Is there is any similar sites are there to make money?

  2. The top things about Clixsense Get Paid To Click Program:
    1. $0.001 - $0.02/click.
    2. 5 seconds lowest timer.
    3. Repeat every 24 hours.

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