Before starting to write and submit to article directories , you should know what you think of them want out. Do you want the article to get more traffic to your website or you want to increase search engines ranking positions.

Quality is more important than the keywords

In the event, which will focus on writing articles that people want to read.Some good quality articles can give you many more benefits than one that is full of keywords.

Write regular articles

It is important to write at least one article per week to improve your writing skills.Like everything else but depends on practice to write attractive article.

The choice of suitable article directories

There are only a dozen article directories worth submitting your articles ,and  is one of them.

Avoid duplicate content

If you wrote an article on your blog, do not send the same article to article directories , as this may do more harm than good to your website.

Put links to their articles

Most article directories you can have two links in the section. Take advantage of this through a link to the homepage and the other goes to a sub-page to do.

Use articles to generate traffic to your site

If you do not mind, we have time to do some research of keywords that can be articulated to attract people to your site. The article is generally a good position for long tail keywords.

Elements of the reuse

Place 10 or more of its existing elements to make a book / ebook. You can then use these instructions to generate leads on your website.

Use keywords natural

Once you've created a list of keywords, then you should write an article for each keyword. Use keywords in the articles, of course, so you get maximum benefit.

See other articles

Have a browse in the article directory sites and see what others have written. Studies that have attracted a lot of points of view and then do the same, but not copy directly!

Make paragraphs short and easy to read

Do not read on the Web is the same as reading a magazine. If you want people to read your article from top to bottom, then you must make sure that the format is easy to read. Create bold are short paragraphs, use bullets, use of headings and subheadings.

Problems word count

There is no fixed rule as to the number of words your article. That said, you must maintain between 400 and 600 words.

write articles on web.2 sites

You may also  like Squidoo and HubPages. It is important to diversify your link building campaign to ensure that inbound links are the "natural".

Give your article for Blogger

There are many bloggers who have no time to update his blog every day or week. Therefore, if given the quality content is available for free, with a link to your website, which will offer its !!!!!


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