Lesson 2: all-time demand for niches that never dry and is about to make it as special and always does.

Now, speaking of the potential income niches niches listed all have great earning potential and the party begins almost immediately start getting some quality traffic. Believe me, if you can work hard to get people coming to your website, making money is child's play! The top three channels make money with your blog are:

1. Revenue from Google Adsense
2. Affiliate marketing affiliates such as Amazon
3. features comment
4. direct ads

Other than the above, the first two methods you can earn serious money. Adsense works very well with the user base is not techie or readers can not distinguish between content and the mix of Adsense to your page (which acts simply as an extra link to them). Affiliate marketing works very well by earning commissions from the purchases of users.

Lesson 3 and 4: Google AdSense works very well with the public techie and non-affiliate marketing can make fortunes.

I Hope now you know how to choose the best niche to gain! It is a combination of several factors to consider. We wish you all the best and please let me know your thoughts.


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