What is the best niche to start a blog in 2012 ?

Most people are going to start a blog can have this one question in their minds - it could be better and higher paid to start a blog? Or what is more in the niche demand in 2012 etc.
These questions are answered here in this post, read to the end. Basically, each niche is a good niche and experience and passion for the niche makes it the best. Say, for example - someone should start a blog on the "diamond cut" niche saying that pays well, what would your answer be? You already know that may fail because you are not an expert to share much of something you know nothing !

Lesson 1  select a niche you are either passionate or expert in.

If you are looking to start a blog on any of their general interests, you have plenty of choice and competition as well. Here are some high-demand, high paying niches:

1. Sports blogs
2. Health and fitness
3. Insurance, mortgages and finance blogs
4. Fashion and style
5. Gadgets for review and recommendations
6. Relationships and tips
7. Books and movies

Here are some generic niche could aspire to start a blog. The best part of these niches is that the subjects never dry! All you have to be is unique and innovative, surprising and normal! The presentation of material through a unique approach to a frequent and welcome is always appreciated by the Internet.
Whatever niche above to start your blog you need to get a unique content of value, keep writing content regularly, aggressively market and publicize your blog and seek to gain from the blog after months of hard work only.


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