Today I decided to investigate how much my favorite blog are gaining every month and was not surprised to see that some of them earn over $ 100,000 per month.

These are the blogs and success stories that have inspired me to become a blogger. These bloggers Superstar continue to inspire me today - and have kept me motivated to not give up every time you got tough, especially in the early days.

If not already done, so I hope that this list you can see how powerful blogs can be rewarding and inspire you to follow the dream and create your own blog. 

 30 Blog’s That Make A Lot Of Money Online

 Rank-Website-Owner-Monthly Earnings-Main Income

1.The Huffington Post-Arianna Huffington- $2,330,000 -Pay Per Click
2.Mashable-Pete-Cashmore-$560,000-Advertising Banners
3.Perez HiltonMario-Lavandeira-$450,000-Advertising Banners
4.Techcrunch-Michael Arrington-$400,000-Advertising Banners
5.Smashing Magazine-Vitaly Friedman-$190,000-Advertising Banners
6.Timothy Sykes-Timothy Sykes-$150,000-Affiliate Sales
7.Gothamist-Jake Dobkin-$110,000-Pay Per Click
8.Tuts Plus-Collis Taeed-$110,000-Membership Area
9.Car Advice-Alborz Fallah-$70,000-Advertising Banners
10.Venture Beat-Matt Marshall-$62,000-Pay Per Click
11.Slash Gear-Ewdison Then-$60,000-Pay Per Click
12.Life Hacker-Nick Denton-$60,000-Advertising Banners
13.Dooce Heather-B. Armstrong-$50,000-Pay Per Click
14.Steve Pavlina-Steve Pavlina-$45,000-Pay Per Click
15.Talking Point Memo-Joshua Micah Marshall-$45,000- Advertising Banners
16.Problogger-Darren Rowse-$40,000-Advertising Banners
17.Kotaku-Nick Denton-$32,000-Advertising Banners
18.Shoemoney -Jeremy Schoemaker-$30,000 Private Advertising
19.Coolest Gadgets-Allan Carlton-$30,000-Advertising Banners
20.JohnChow-John Chow-$29,000 -Affiliate Sales
21.SmartPassiveIncome-Pat Flynn-$21,500-Affiliate Commissions
22.Joystiq-AOL-$18,000-CPM Advertising
23.PC Mech-David Risley-$16,000-Affiliate Sales
24.Freelance Switch-Collis Ta’eed-$15,000-Membership Area
25.Abduzeedo-Fabio Sasso-$12,000-Advertising Banners
26.Sizlopedia-Saad Hamid-$11,000-Pay Per Click
27.Overhead in New York-Michael Malice-$9,000-Advertising Banners
28.Six Revisions-Jacob Gube-$9,000-Advertising Banners
29.Noupe Noupe-$8,000-Advertising Banners
30.Retire at 21 -Michael Dunlop-$5,000 -Affiliate Sales
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