Social bookmarking is very important mainly for blogger now. even you own a website, social bookmarking is one of the most talented and effective in promoting your website or blog.There are a lot of friends in social networking and other visitors to their profile. if you mark your message in any social website. then your friends to view at least 50% of your friends who are curious and out of them would not have many friends who would like to see your website and it's new position. it will increase traffic to your website or blog.

How much are you doing?

costs nothing, or is the cost of their times and no more than that.what is need to join a social network where you can post the link or unrestricted. You must know a lot of social sites primarily for the favorites.
and lots of others

Getting traffic to your blog or to your website is one of the most important fact about the quality and importance of the website and blog. it is necessary to get traffic for your blog.A lot of pay spammer is there on net who will  Increase the traffic if you pay them. but that is not so good. 

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