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oDesk is one of the most trusted market for freelancer worldwide. Many providers work on oDesk to find new appointments. oDesk provider connects talent freelancer with the buyer.Buyer pays per hour or fixed price basis.To qualify as an approved provider of oDesk , you must be pass the oDesk readiness test.
Here I am gonna show you the answers to all questions in the examination . Just follow the steps below :

Step 1: Log in to your account. Then “My contractor profile”.
Step 2: Click on “Take the oDesk Readiness Test” 
Step 3: Then you will be taken to introduction page of oDesk readiness exam. Click on “Ready to take the test”.

Step 4: Click “Start test”
Step 5: Now you are at the expertrating odesk test section.
Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
Step 6: Then hit “Click here to start test”.

Question: What happens when a contract ends?    
    a. You lose access to the Work Diary         
    b. Both users can leave feedback
    c. The feedback system is double blind, so your employer cannot see the feedback you left them until after they have left feedback for you.
    d. Hours will be billed (and disputes may be filed) according to the usual weekly payment schedule
    e. All of the above 

Question:  Can I start my own agency on oDesk?
    a.Yes! You can create an agency and earn money by selling the      services of your agency contractors.
    b.No, oDesk is for independent contractors only

Question:   Which of the following are required to qualify for guaranteed payment?  

    a. An hourly contract                         
    b. Tracking your time with the oDesk Team application
    c. Entering relevant memos
    d. An employer with a verified payment method       
    e. All of the above                     

Question:   Which of the following actions are NOT allowed when applying to job postings?    

    a. Misrepresenting your skills, experiences, portfolio, etc.
    b. Submitting boilerplate, placeholder or generic bids or other          spam
    c. Disclosing direct contact information    
    d. Applying when you are not truly qualified
    e. All of the above        

 Question:   Which of the following are NOT permitted on oDesk?
    a. Sharing a single account between multiple people
    b. Opening more than one account on oDesk
    c. Using a logo or clip art as your profile portrait
    d  Using a fake name
    e. All of the above      

Question:   Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price contracts?
    a. Employer billed automatically each week           
    b. How much to pay and when to pay is at the employer's discretion
    c. Hours worked will show on your profile
    d. Time-tracking required
    e. Qualify for the oDesk payment guarantee
  Question:  Which of the following statements about oDesk fees is FALSE?

    a. The oDesk fee is 10% of the employer's payment to oDesk        
    b. oDesk is free to join
    c. oDesk is free for contractors to apply and work on jobs
    d. The oDesk fee is $2/hour for hourly contracts    
    e. All of the above

   Question:   The oDesk Team application Time Tracker records which of the following?

    a. Screenshot of the active screen once per billing segment
    b. Number of keystrokes
    c. Number of mouse clicks
    d. Memo entered by the contractor
    e. All of the above   
    Question:  Which of the following is FALSE about weekly limits on hourly contracts?
   a.  Hours in excess of the weekly limit will not be billed to the   employer   
    b. You should discuss any need to work beyond your limit with your employer 
    c. The weekly limit can be changed by the contractor
    d. The weekly limit can be changed by the employer 
    e. Hours in excess of the weekly limit are not guaranteed payment

    Question:  Which of the following are TRUE about the oDesk dispute process?
    a. The dispute process only applies to Hourly contracts     
    b. If you fail to respond, oDesk will refund the employer and suspend your account 
    c. If you reject the dispute, oDesk specialists will review your   Work Diary and evaluate it against the criteria of the payment guarantee  
    d. Disputed hours ruled in the employers favor are refunded 
    e. All of the above
Question:   Which of the following are TRUE about your oDesk Work Diary?

    a. Allows employers to see when and what their contractors are working on
    b. Enables automatic billing for hourly contracts
    c. The oDesk Team application auto-tracks time which can be reviewed in the Work Diary
    d. Manual time can be added, but isn't guaranteed payment
    e. All of the above      


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