How to ping your blog or websites

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What is the effect of ping on your blog

Everyone wants to publish his blog to come on the first page of Google in the search. But what happens with a lot of reasons. I would like to mention some of them and I'd like to try it too. I hope you must have your own blog then you would be looking only for this position. If you do not have one of your choice is free blogger. So please come to this post. You are here to learn exactly what happens when you ping your blog.

How to make changes in content from the internet ?

Means you are pinging blog calling the Google bots to crawl your blog content and the rate of STI database. That people so when to search for content That your blog on Google blog has to eat SERPs (search engine results pages). If You have updated your blog and have not yet Google crawler crawled your page and Then using ping service're invited to track the latest post on historical blog.

How will it benefit your blog ?

If you have plumbed the blog, you sent your blog to track Google. His blog is data sent to Google. If someone wanted in connection with the issue presented below, Google will show your position in the result as well.

How to ping my blog  ?

There are many websites provide service where you can ping your blog. I'm just listing below. ~ ~ V in the direction you just enter your blog address and ping it.

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