How to be hired in oDesk - Part2

Posted by Duhaz On 7:17 AM
Your cover letter
As part of the application process, you must submit a letter to the prospective buyer. Be sure to create an original letter for each job. Avoid the temptation to use a template, buyers can spot a mile away, and hate. Start your letter by introducing yourself and explaining why you want this particular job. Explain what you have the skills that make you the best choice for this buyer. Tell the buyer what should hire a rookie. You can do this by telling about his work ethic, personality, education, etc. This is your chance to convince him to give you the opportunity to prove himself. Then, include full contact information, which should include an alternate email address, instant messaging ID, and any other form of communication to use. Please note the hours that are available for interview (including time zone). Finally, thanks to the buyer for taking the time to consider. Now that you've done all you can do to get a job on oDesk, please wait ... and maybe wait a little longer. Keep applying for jobs every day. If you happened to have several offers, you can always politely reject those that do not interest you.
General guidelines and tips
There are some very basic things to consider when applying for a job on oDesk, or any other independent site. They are subtle, but can be deal breakers in a competitive market. First, always use correct grammar and spelling. Do not rely on spellcheck will not catch many common errors. Instead, trust your own eyes and ask a friend to check your work. Nothing will turn a potential buyer faster than the errors of the jargon and spelling. Do not ever take a job that does not really qualified for. If you do bad work, your reputation will suffer greatly oDesk. Not worth the risk. Always be polite in your letter and interviews. Buyers are just like the rest of the world, some are harder than others. Maintain a professional attitude and friendly, no matter what. Do not bid on work as independent as you would expect to get paid for work "regular". Nobody will pay that much to work from home as they would if they were going to an office every day. If you consistently offer too high, the bids stop coming. Be prepared to work, and work hard. You may be sitting in your sweat pants while you work, but will have to work as hard as you would in the office. This is no easy money, is a job. Now get out there and be engaged in oDesk !

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