How to be hired in oDesk - Part1

Posted by Duhaz On 7:03 AM
oDesk is a great resource for those seeking self-employment from home. Whether you are a freelance web developer, a software developer in search of employment in web design, or just simple data entry, oDesk is the place to find work can be done from home. Given a second mortgage or equity line of credit to pay your bills? Do not! Instead, take your skills and go to oDesk to make extra money. It can be a little intimidating to get hired at oDesk, but you can do. Let's look at some of the ways you can increase your chances of finding work home from work on oDesk.
Your profile oDesk
The first step, once you have registered with oDesk, is to create your profile. This will be the public face of potential employers (known as oDesk buyers in the jargon), so it is a very important step. Make sure you choose your screen name smart. Stay away from names and names PuddinPie4856 Cutsie as socially inappropriate (use your imagination). Choose something short and to the point. Think of the image that comes to mind when you say it out loud. If you upload a photo, make it a professional. The next part of your profile is the choice of their skills. Although you may be talented in many areas and are willing to make many types of work, try to keep the list of skills focused. Avoid, for example, the choice of data entry as a skill, when what you really want are jobs web design. Choose the skills centered around the type of job you want. Then you are prompted to enter your average hourly rate. I recommend starting low, about half the minimum wage in your area. When you actually apply for a job to declare your desired salary for that particular position, anyway. The only reason the salary listed in the affairs of their profile is to inform potential buyers who may be browsing profiles. The last step in your adventure profiling is being tested. Everyone must take a proficiency test standard to be able to work through oDesk. This test is not difficult, but it must pass before it can be available for work. There are several optional tests that demonstrate their skills. Take as many as possible. If you score well, the results will show on your profile page. A lot of high scores are very attractive to buyers. Here's a hint: Open a second browser window while taking a test. You can then find the answers when you get stuck.
Apply for a job on oDesk
oDesk offers two types of jobs with fixed & hourly rate. There are pros and cons of both. A fixed-rate work is one in which you and the buyer agree a fixed price for a particular task or workload. The advantage of a work fixed exchange rate is that you know how much you will make in total. The disadvantage is that oDesk does not help the buyer decide not to pay. I only work jobs at a fixed rate, and I've learned that can be a bit risky. My general rule is that communication must remain open between me and the buyer until the job is complete. If the buyer fails to respond to my emails, to stop working until it does. This does not happen very often, but has saved me from an unscrupulous buyer once or twice. Never accept a job outside of oDesk oDesk a buyer. There is no legitimate reason to do it, so be fooled, if you agree, period. If you decide on an hourly job, you must allow the software to run oDesk while working. Take pictures to use as your "road time" and for the buyer to check the progress of work. You can edit the images, eliminating anything you would not captured, but I think this is a nuisance. Most do not realize, however, is just my personal preference. When you are looking for a job, only bid on jobs offered by buyers whose payment is verified oDesk. This means they have a payment method on file with oDesk. These buyers are much more likely to have a good reputation. Read the information provided by previous workers. This can reveal much about the buyer, both good and bad. Choose a few small jobs and continue the application process. Once you have experience with oDesk, you can work your way up to bigger jobs and better, but starting small allows you to build your professional reputation.


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