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Posted by Duhaz On 10:39 AM
Blogging is very popular way to make money online. Many people around the world are working to develop their blog as a popular site. There are many free blogging platforms. A specialist blogger know about internet marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM and this type of work area. Typically, Wordpress, Joomla is the best blogging platform to run a nice blog. But personally I think Blogger is sufficient to establish a better blog. I share with you some sites that really an example of the leading blogs blogger platform.I love to make this blogging platform is absolutely free and safe because it provides the platform from Google. Today Tumblr, a blogging platform most popular and easy to design. is good to make Google AdSense account and that is why Google Adsense consultants used Weebly for Google AdSense account with ease. In this regard, I share the top ten free blogging platform really useful for all types of bloggers in the area decided better.

Google owns Blogger and has integrated with Google Accounts. The platform has been around since the beginning of blogs, and remains an excellent choice.

WordPress is a free, open source blogging platform that has become a full content management. Enjoys enormous community support.

Tumblr is a blogging platform faster growth in 2011. He has a love-hate -relationship - apparently - with the fashion industry, but is an excellent choice for any e-commerce merchant.        
Nice platform for blogging and earn money online via Google adsense and easy for get  Google adsense account                   

Nice Flash Website which help blogger for create some exceptional

Livejournal is not only a great blogging website but also a social networking website where you can search people by interests and school and participate in community discussions


Nice option for blogging and have paid policy for beginning at $8.95 per month
Self-Hosted offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for free members, more benefits for paid members


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