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Posted by Duhaz On 12:57 PM
Page rank of any blog or website is not only due to the SEO. It also relates to the popularity of your website is with the search engine, especially Google. Most of your page rank is determined by the back links to your website. Back link Google link primarily is one of the vital things. Without this you can not increase your page rank.

I would like to tell you 5 tips on how to make back link and which will be important for your website or blog.

1. Focus on back links from relevant websites and blogs : -

Google search engine smarter and check each and everyThing. If you linked from a website relevant to the content of the website is similar to yours. Then Google bot will give more importance than others. If you have linked your blog or web pages of the website from another topic, then this link would not matter.Therefore, to avoid the worst link or relevant websites.

2. Avoid no follow links :-
Many sites now have the “no follow” tag which is to much spammers from posting random links everywhere in the website. It means that a link in the website wouldn’t be considered as back link. So, there would be no benefit if you spam in that website.

3. Use anchor text for more and more traffic :-
Anchor links has become one of the most important ways to increase of new link. In the anchor text link gets your website or blogger tells you to. This has become one of relevant forms of increase traffic. My personal blog has a PR by exchanging anchor text on certain blogs and websites.

4. Try to get back link from high pr and good content websites :-

get a link from web sites senior push pages or blogs to your blog or website to rank very high. As often websites or blogs, to look for the link to your website or blog link will be caught by Google's robot, which will make your blog popular websites.

5. Try to get permanent back link for your blog or websites :-
one of the most important thing is that when you lose the link to high PR link. Then the PR of your website or blog will fall dramatically. You will be surprised by falling down from his pr. Therefore, try to get permanent link websites or blogs. If you buy bonds shuttle that require a monthly subscription runs the risk of losing your links when you cancel. This will drop all your links and make your ranking in search engines also decreased.

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