I think I've finally gotten the science of eBay sales into a science. After months of reading, watching the auctions and selling on eBay , I have come to a conclusion - you can make good money with a little work and knowledge. If you want to earn extra money selling on eBay, the first thing to do is determine what is sold for the best profit margin. Note I did not say what is sold at higher price, but the higher profit margin. Let me save you some research by sharing what I discovered. Hands down, the number one seller on eBay is electronics. Any electronic device that is in good working order will net you a tidy sum. If you can pick up items at low prices or even free, you will make money on eBay. Another big seller are medical uniforms. I'm not even sure why, but these things are selling like crazy. Another big seller is the women's clothing, especially the brands. How to find things to sell? First, clean out your closets. When done, do it again. Put it all on eBay. Think it will not sell because it broke? No matter, it's a list anyway, only the State of the element. eBay is full of people looking for pencils and parts. Once you have rid your home of everything you do not really need, it's time to launch its network of eBay items. Tell your friends that you would like to have elements that are planning to throw away or donate. (You can donate a percentage of their profits to charity after the completion of the sale). Let them know you will be happy to get rid of unwanted or broken electronics, computer games, etc. Then, hit the savings and consignment stores. I have found that these stores offer a variety of things you may not resell, but they always have hidden treasures. For example, the swap shop in my neighborhood is actually a bit pricey but they sell clothes for $ .25 per piece. I go through each item on the grid, focusing on the brand, not the actual item. When looking for a piece of clothing brand, then I inspect it for flaws. If you are in good condition, in my shopping cart it goes. I'll start the topic of $ 0.99 on eBay. Even if you only sell it to the initial bid, yet I have a huge markup. Everybody wins. The swap shop sold an item, I sold an item, and eBay buyer has a piece of clothing brand for pennies. Therefore, the challenge for today is to make a game plan and start making some much needed money on eBay. You can do it !

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