What should be the domain name for the blog?

As the search for a new domain name of your blog, the factors you should consider are

A unique domain name.
A name that support or justify your niche blog.
A decent like.com or TLD. Net or regional level, even if the niche is the location of the base.

What hosting should I choose?

Web hosting is very important when it comes to creating your own website or blog. You should make sure you select a web hosting company very reliable. Usually, when you start your blog, you can start with a shared host, and later, when traffic builds up can migrate to a dedicated hosting. You could refer to the best web hosting companies of 2011 here and select from the list of the best and cheapest accommodation.

What should be my frequency of publication?

Make sure you have a decent frequency publication. Especially when you have a regular audience - is his duty to remind visitors of your blog and the quality content delivery. It would also help to regulate publication of your blog is crawled and indexed quickly in search engines.

When should I start to monetize my blog?

This is the part that most interested in, and the truth is that this should not be the last in the chain of activities on the blog. You should begin to monetize your blog when you have enough traffic - the rest is like showing a movie without an audience. To learn how to monetize my blogs you could see this link here

What is your business model?

By now you should already know that blogging is just a hobby. It is a service providing information and a business model.

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