The latest trend in obtaining an income online is through niche blogs. Before starting a new blog, the items you need to put in the research are

What is the niche or topic that I have to start my blog ?
What should be the domain name for blog ?
What hosting should I choose ?
What should be my publication frequency ? 
When should I start monetizing my blog ? 
What is my business model ? 

Once you have the answers to these 6 questions you should be all set to make money online blogging. Now I'll give short answers to six questions for you to make money like me.

What is the niche or topic that I have to start my blog about?

My first advice to you is to select the place you are really passionate about and then take on his blog from there, writing and delivering quality content to its members.
In case you want to develop a blog just for money minting purpose you could refer to the list of keywords highest paying Adsense and develop a new blog around there to make as much unlike Adsense clicks of the niches that pay little.


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