If you want to make money online from home then freelancing can be one of the great and freedom way and oDesk is a Freelancing site from where you can earn money by Freelancing. You may ask me- what is Freelancing. If you don’t know already about this topic, I request you, please do not read this article. At first go to Google and write ‘define freelancing’ and hit enter to your keyboard. Than you can get huge information about Freelancing. After knowing freelancing you can start read this tutorial.So now I will write some basic information.

What is oDesk?

Already I have said about oDesk- oDesk is a Freelancing site from where you can earn money to working as you know. You will get all kinds of work in oDesk.

Why oDesk?

It is not easy way. So if you do not know how to work hard and if you Can't hard work you are not allow in Freelancing world. Please go away. But if you can do hard work and if you want a independent job you are welcome to Freelancing world.
I love freelancing where I hate timely job.I do not love to listen order. I love to work as a freedom person. So I love freelancing. That’s why I am working on oDesk.

How to Earn Money From oDesk?

Now I am going to tell you How to Earn Money From oDesk ? Just sign up to oDesk and it is free.Design your profile, reach your portfolio and add your all skills and information as you know and you have done. After than, search your desire job and apply.

Exam & Test?

oDesk arrange some exam & test to test your experience and skill. Everything is free so do not avoid.If you attend to test and pass you will get job easily.

Write Unique & Valuable Cover Letter?

When you apply you need to write a cover letter for your employer/client.At first buyer read this cover letter before see your profile & portfolio.So it is important to write a nice,valuable & attractive cover letter for your buyer.
If your employer like that cover letter than he or she will check your profile and portfolio otherwise not.So please give something different with your cover letter.

What Else?

If you do everything right you will get interview from someone. Talk with your buyer as a smart guy.Inform him or her your experience & Skill. Tell him or her- you believe , you have confident you can do the job easily within a short time.

I believe you will get the job.Wish you Best of luck.If you have any Question , please leave it below.I will reply you from my experience.Thank you Very much.


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The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk


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