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Posted by Duhaz On 3:01 AM

Now this is definitely a subject that when anyone mentions it in a room stuffed with SEO's you'll receive a broad amount of differing opinions, and possibly just a little excited dialogue going down.

I'm guessing it really depends upon the reason why you become involved in SEO in the first place. Could it possibly be for the money or perhaps vanity? In my situation it's about cold hard cash as well as providing myself the lifestyle I'd like for my loved ones. Should I become all excited and lose sleep at nighttime regarding my search rankings? Basic answer, absolutely not.

The manner in which I view it is this, the specific search rankings really mean absolutely nothing to me in all actuality. It's all about the money. This is exactly what really should matter I believe.

But wait, how the heck do you know which of them to go for I hear you inquire. Well fortunately that's a fairly simple one to answer. Web analytics. I personally believe that all Search engine optimisation efforts and techniques must be influenced through the analytics data. If you're not carrying out this then go give yourself a good tough slap and also have a ice cold shower. Next return and re-focus your attitude and get that analytics data streaming. You should also be A/B testing and carrying out MVT tests to test conversion.

Analytics is the thing that sets apart the men from the boys. Would you like to depend on pure blind chance or assault the SERP's from a spot where specialised ability drives your success? In the event you have answered blind luck go slap your self harder this time around.

I hear on practically an every day basis individuals carrying on about their top 10 Google positions, yet sometimes they don't understand I actually do SEO, so when I inquire further in regards to the phrases I simply think oh boy, that's rubbish. Do you really earn money from ranking for a phrase which has received zero queries previously? Needless to say you don't. If your website gives you no cash then simply what's the purpose? Only to point out you rank for your name? That's total vanity. Anyone having an internet presence has a minimum of 5 to 10 number 1 search positions on Google regarding something. These are generally basic long tail results which are completely inconsequential.

Let's put it basically. Just one top ten position on google that creates you cash will be worth thousands of top positions that produce you nothing . Organic search isn't no cost traffic remember. It will require time and organizing as well as everyone's effort which costs something. You ought to determine what you're worth an hour at some point, you could be amazed.

Exactly what can you take from this article? The reality is this, if you wish to get serious about generating income online you need to get your nose buried straight into web analytics.

In the event you haven't put in place a Google analytics account then stop everything, go to Google and get it taken care of right now. Google analytics is free of charge and straightforward to utilize. There are numerous excellent video tutorials about it's use at Google therefore go have a look now.

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