Internet Marketing - Getting Started

Posted by Duhaz On 4:09 AM
I am constantly being asked by my clients is there a reliable way to generate a passive income using the internet. The short answer is yes. It is possible to make money online and to make it in a short space of time. The key is to find the most reliable method for there are many out there.

We strongly advise people to think carefully about what it is they want to achieve so that they can research and find the opportunity that works best for them and their circumstances.

Dream big but make sure that you are prepared to put in the necessary effort in order to make your dream a reality.

There are many programs which are free to join and indeed much of what you need to do to start making money online can be done with low or no initial investment. The best programs to join are ones that give you a step by step process to follow and then make sure you stick to that process. The internet is a wonderful opportunity when you know what you are doing but it can become a bottomless pit draining your funds and time if you are not sure what to do; or flit from one perceived opportunity to another.

Some elements of internet marketing will take time to reap reward such as article marketing for example. Yet in the medium and long term can prove an extremely effective and low cost way to generate a constant stream of interested buyers for your product(s).

Jargon! Don’t you just love it. The internet is in a class all on its own when it comes to jargon. I started my professional career as an IT Manager in the corporate world way back in the 1980’s and I thought the jargon was bad then, it is far worse now. Be warned, there are many different terms that mean the same and some even that have little or no relevance. This is why your success will come faster if you follow a proven path rather than seeking to reinvent the wheel that has already been turned many times over.

As this article goes to press one of the most reliable ways for beginners to make real money quickly is affiliate marketing. This is also called internet marketing. Experience or skills in selling is not a pre requisite and it is possible to start your business with practically no financial investment. What you will need is time and effort, and the ability to consistently put in the time required.

 You become an affiliate marketer by promoting the products or services of another person or company. You then become an affiliate of that company. You have no limits on the number or type of products you want to promote. You get paid a commission by the company who produces the product, known as the vendor, for every sale you make.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is to choose products that sell well, and are from a reliable vendor. You want to look for products that have longevity for you can potentially make money from them for years. So be careful of the latest “fads” they may look appealing but have very short term appeal and you could find yourself spending time promoting a product that has past its sell by date.

There are several large organisations that provide a marketplace for multiple vendors and manage the payment of commissions. These are by far the safest best for the beginner for you can be assured if a vendor is on one of these sites they will be reliable. You will also be given a series of parameters by which you can judge how well the product you are interested in sells and whether there is any repeat business opportunities from it.

The second mainstay of success with affiliate marketing is to have a list of targeted buyers. The best results come when you take the time and effort to build an online relationship with your list. Become a source of valuable information for them, a useful resource. They will be far more likely to buy from you than someone who just sends them promotion after promotion, it is easy to see through that sort of marketer.

Thirdly, choose products that you yourself are interested in. It is far easier to talk with passion and recommend a product that you know works and that you like. You can then inspire people to buy from you. Do not be afraid to experiment here and try new products once you have a system that is working for you it is easy to slot a new product or service into the mechanism. When starting out focus, we suggest, on 3 or 4 top products in the market niche that interests you.

Our free program guides you through the steps you need and if you want that extra help personal coaching is available at highly discounted rates.
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